AMSOIL Devoted to Protection™: Sequence IIIG Test

The American Petroleum Institute sets the minimum standards oil must pass to ensure it will provide adequate protection. One of these standards, the Sequence IIIG Test, subjects oil to 100 hours of use at 302°F- 100° higher than normal operating temperatures- and measures its ability to prevent wear, deposits and more. Find out how our Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil performed. To learn more, visit

3 months agoNovember 23, 2016
Where does it rate against all others ? I have no problem paying for a supier product but is it ?
ASE Master Certified Auto Technician
about 2 months agoDecember 21, 2016
It may not appear obvious but the comparison is against other brands that only meet the minimum test standards.  That should nearly qualify as "all others".  Despite the transparency Amsoil offers in their test data (best I've found in 25+yrs), there will always be specific comparisons "left out" due to the myriad of test specs. and oil brands/types.   There are about 10-12 key oil test specs, when combined offers a good picture of how oil works and protects.   An easy self test is to be pro-active with the equipment you own and know well.  Utilize the Oil Analysis program by testing pre and post oil samples.  Ultimately this is what counts, not a specific test regimen.  Amsoil deserves credit for upping the ante with specific "show case" testing like the one shown, however.  After 17yrs of using Amsoil (switched from another well known American made brand) could not reasonably expect an oil to be any better. -- Another key point is consistency across the product line; I don't need to worry if their gear oil is "good as" the engine oil for example.  And specs are available, including White Paper test studies.  Some brands seem to make Halo products, or excell in a specific test sequence but are otherwise lackluster -- or worse -- while Amsoil takes, apparently, great care in ensuring each product is best-in-class.  Honestly, my customers, including the cars we repair/fix/modify, take no issue with the costs and fully rely on me to make the best decision for them.  Amsoil has fully proven itself to me years before selling it.  The engine, transmission, axle repairs prevented or prolonged by using this oil are numerous in our shop. -- They are located in Superior, Wisconsin, and I believe and trust the name is fitting - Superior.   Thanks and best of luck.
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3 months agoNovember 26, 2016
3 months agoNovember 26, 2016
how cold can it get
Sam lippert
3 months agoNovember 30, 2016
I like it but I cant by it becuse it is to much money for my buget
2 months agoDecember 6, 2016
If the oil is this good, I should only have to change oil about three times a year or so. That means the higher cost of this oil  doesn't matter,,,,,,,,,,,
about 2 months agoDecember 29, 2016
Don't believe the HYPE, check your oil after 3,000 miles. I used the XL (10k) and was almost out of oil @ 4k.
about 1 month agoJanuary 5, 2017
The loss of your oil has nothing to do with oil it self, your car or truck might have high mileage and be burning oil. Ams oil is great oil that is all I use and I am in Northeast! Every pice of equipment I own has Ams in it mower- snow blower- tiller it's great oil!
Frank Mottola
about 1 month agoJanuary 16, 2017
Sam lippert,

I have been using Amsoil for over 8 years and yes the price is a little costly up front,  but if you account for the amount of time and money you take away from your family and the actual cost of the oil change say about 25.00 per oil change times 5 changes per year =$125.00 +the cost of time. Or would you rather pay 70-75.00 once a year and keep the time with your family. 

Give me a call if you have any other questions 717-571-3845
2 months agoDecember 7, 2016
2 months agoDecember 15, 2016
Well, started using the Signature Series 5W30 about four years ago and so far so good, no problems yet from 88K to 136K miles. Suppose I should mention I use the dual filter remoter filtering device.
about 2 months agoDecember 21, 2016
As an Amsoil dealer I would never solicit business in this manner.  Surely Amsoil would not approve and will identify the conflict of interest.
Bob Goudin
about 2 months agoDecember 27, 2016
Been using Amsoil for 4 years on my 2013 Toyota Tacoma V6 PreRunner in all areas, Engine,Transmission,Rear Axle,Brake Fluids,Power Steering Fluids,Coolant ,Filters,since Brand new at 5,ooo miles and on. I Now have 72,000 miles and still runs and feels like new,clean Throttle Body and Intake by Inspection! Use P.I twice a year with all TOP Tier Fuels ONLY every fill up, Change my Oil with Signature Series 5W-30 Motor Oil every 15,000 miles Tranny and rear Axle evry 30,000 miles and flush Power Steering and Brake Fluids every 30,000 for insurance,Looks clean and runs like new always and great MPGs ! I wish I found AMSOIL Years earlier for all other vehicles and toys. I even run in my Lawn Mower AMSOIL since new Last spring ! Bob G Eustis,FL. PreFeered Cust since 2012
Tom Bennett
about 2 months agoJanuary 4, 2017
342,000+ miles on our 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L with AMSOIL since 29,000 miles. Use 10w40 High Zinc because Jeep has flat tappet cam.
about 1 month agoJanuary 9, 2017
Bill Johnson
about 1 month agoJanuary 19, 2017
I started using Amsoil in 1975.  In 1978 I purchased a brand new 4 cylinder Datsun pickup.  I promptly way overloaded it (read truck body resting on the bumpers) by installing a full size cab over camper.

I had read about how the "big boys - ie simi drivers" did not change oil until oil analysis indicated doing so.

I purchased some oil analysis kits from a automotive parts house and started using them.  About every 5k miles I would send in a sample.  I did change the Amsoil filter as recommended.  

Bottom line is that by 77,000 miles I felt SO guilty that I finally did my first oil change.  I sent in an oil sample and the results came back, "We do not recommend changing oil at this time."

The body of the truck was falling apart due to the winter salt used on the roads in Kansas City.  In 1985 my wife finally made me get rid of it.  It then had over 200k miles on it.  By then I was adding a qt. of oil about every 7500 miles.

I have used Amsoil in every auto, motorcycle, boat, and truck I have owned since 1975.  If it hold oil or needs grease it gets something made my Amsoil.  

The bottom line is that it is far cheaper than the "change your oil every 3k mile routine" plus you have the ultimate protection for your autos, etc.
Gustav stocker
23 days agoJanuary 27, 2017
Been using amsoil for 30 yrs in every machine I own. Never worn out anything yet.
17 days agoFebruary 2, 2017

17 days agoFebruary 2, 2017

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